~ internetbarroom.com ~


Back bar fully stocked with liquour


Hang Out, Play Games, Do Stuff


The Bar


It can be a friendly place,


So why do people go to bars?


hoping to meet someone new

cause the gang always goes there after work

to join that special someone for a drink before the show

to get together with old friends on the way to the game

to drown their sorrows in a beer

to celebrate their success with champagne

to share your troubles with a stranger

to cash in on the free happy hour goodies

maybe play some games

or have to work the closing shift


or maybe just because you want to waste away the day?


well, if you want to waste away the day,

you can do that right here or go surfing



Try my "Experimental Drum Sound Thing


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Get Blown Away By These Organist Thingies


Sort of . . .



Backgammon | Free games with Games68.com



Should You Click On The Pig ???


Or Not . . .




Remember QIX?

Interesting Game Worth Wasting Time On

Check it out here!



Crush the Castle

Another Game Worth Wasting Time On

Check it out here!